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Genocide Inquiry

The Inquiry: What is it and next steps: 

The Bill is now going through a Senate Inquiry with the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee.

Senate inquiries are set up to investigate the specifics and facts into this policy. Once completed, these inquiries publish reports of their findings which helps influence understanding and the passing of a bill. 

This is an opportunity to bring Genocide into public awareness through Truth-Telling. This inquiry offers a rare opportunity to explore avenues to improve justice and prevent Genocide and other atrocity crimes from ever happening again.


The inquiry can cover things like:

  • Australia’s abhorrent history in pursuing Genocide and other atrocity crimes;
  • Australia’s own history of treating its First Peoples and absolving itself of responsibility;
  • Blocked attempts to pursue cases of Genocide and other atrocity crimes in Australia;
  • Implications of the AG’s fiat on preventing and punishing Genocide and related atrocity crimes here and around the world;
  • How Australia can more effectively implement the Genocide Convention domestically.


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