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Take the Treaty Pledge


"I acknowledge this country's failure as the only remaining Western colony without a Treaty with its First Peoples. 

I commit to being an ally by maintaining and building the momentum for Treaties and Truth-Telling processes led by First Peoples. 

I recognise that Treaty must be by the people, for the people and that Truth-Telling is a central part of that.

I join Senator Lidia Thorpe in calling on governments to take responsibility by embracing the long-overdue process of Truth-telling and Treaty, which should have happened over two centuries ago. 

I pledge to honour the grassroots activists, Elders, professors, and Loremen and Lorewomen who have been leading our people’s resistance since colonisation began.

I pledge to honour the Lore and Law of the First Peoples of these lands and to protect Country."


It is clear more than ever that First Nations justice and self determination can only be achieved through truth telling and treaty. 

Treaty is an end to the war that was declared on us when the ships arrived. Treaty is a peace making instrument. Treaty is a way for two Sovereign parties to negotiate on a way forward and agree through an internationally recognised formal legal agreement. 

Only a Treaty will end the war against First Nations people. Treaty sets the baseline; truth and Treaty will acknowledge our Sovereignty.

Treaty must be by the people, for the people – sign the pledge today.