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The connection between Palestinians and First Nation Australians

Palestinians and First Peoples of this country share similar experiences of colonisation, dispossession, Genocide and ongoing efforts for recognition and self-determination. Both groups have faced injustices resulting from settler colonialism, which has led to the loss of life, land, resources, and cultural identity.

Our people share Palestinians’ plight for acknowledgment of their rights to their ancestral lands, the preservation of their cultural heritage, and the ability to govern themselves according to their own traditions and values. We also share a desire for justice, equality, and an end to discrimination and marginalisation.

Solidarity between our struggles often emerges from a recognition of the interconnectedness of struggles against colonialism and imperialism worldwide, as well as a commitment to principles of human rights, social justice, and decolonisation, and forms part of a broader movement for liberation and self-determination.


My stance on Palestine and the war on Gaza

My stance on Palestine is rooted in a deep commitment to human rights, justice, equality, and the self-determination of First Peoples. 

The ongoing Genocide in Gaza perpetuates a cycle of suffering and injustice that must be addressed with urgency and empathy. As signatories to the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, it is our responsibility to act in the face of genocide, wherever and whenever it occurs. Supporting Palestine is not only a matter of solidarity with an oppressed people but also a recognition of the universal principles of justice and equality and our shared humanity. Just as First Peoples here, Palestinians too deserve the right to self-determination and Sovereignty over their lands.

By standing in solidarity with Palestine, we advocate for a world where all peoples, regardless of ethnicity, religion, or background, can live in dignity and peace. It is imperative that Australia, as a nation built on stolen First Nations lands, takes a principled stance against injustice and supports the rights of oppressed peoples here and everywhere, including  Palestinians.


What have I and my office done?

In November I sent a letter to Penny Wong calling for the Labor government to call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.