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Genocide Bill

All victims and survivors of the most heinous crimes like Genocide should be able to seek justice through legal systems that adhere to international standards and are free from political interference.

No politician should get to say who can and can’t be held accountable in our legal system, particularly for the most heinous crimes like Genocide.

But right now in this country, the Attorney-General has unchecked power to block prosecution of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity from proceeding in our courts. This power is called the AG’s fiat.

That’s why I introduced a Private Senators Bill to strip the Attorney-General of this unjust and dangerous veto power to parliament, the Criminal Code Amendment (Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes) Bill 2024. You can read more on the background and purpose of the Bill here.

In short, my Bill would:

  • Remove the requirement for the Attorney-General to consent to atrocity crime cases. This means anyone can file for proceedings on these crimes in a court.
  • Allow cases blocked by previous Attorneys-General since 2002 to be reviewed. 


Read more about why my bill is so important.



In February 2024, I gained support for a Senate inquiry into my Private Senator’s Bill.

This is an opportunity to bring Genocide into the public awareness. It is an opportunity for Truth-telling. 

Among other things, the inquiry can cover matters such as:

  • The appalling track record of Australian governments in pursuing Genocide and other atrocity crimes;
  • Australia’s own history of treating its First Peoples and absolving itself of responsibility;
  • Blocked attempts to pursue cases of Genocide and other atrocity crimes in Australia;
  • Implications of the AG’s power (the AG’s fiat) on preventing and punishing Genocide and related atrocity crimes here and around the world;
  • How Australia can more effectively implement the Genocide Convention domestically.

This inquiry is a rare opportunity for Truth-telling and exploring avenues to improve justice and prevent Genocide and other atrocity crimes from ever happening again.


Make a Submission

Submissions close on 26 July 2024 and the inquiry will hand down its findings on November 13. Please consider making a submission.

You can send your submission to the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Senate Committee at [email protected] or head to the committee’s inquiry website for information about the Bill and how to make a submission.


You can find our guide on how to make a submission here


If you have any further questions, please give my office a call on (03) 9070 1950 or email us at [email protected].