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Response to Voice Referendum Question

The Government’s Referendum Working Group addressed the media this morning about their next steps towards a First Nations Voice to Parliament and Constitutional Recognition.


These quotes are attributed to Senator Lidia Thorpe, Gunai, Gunditjmara and Djab Wurrung mother and grandmother and Victorian Senator representing the Blak Sovereign Movement:

‘A group of so-called representatives hand-picked by the government, have endorsed a body that has no real substance for First Nations people, no veto rights or decision-making power and makes no immediate impact to saving the lives of First Nations people today.’

‘Our people are the most incarcerated on the planet. We are the poorest, our life expectancy is shorter than every other person in this country, suicide continues to rattle our communities and the government is still stealing our children.’

‘The Prime Minister says the move will “make Australians feel better'' about themselves and that we can’t keep doing the same thing. He says, “If you keep doing the same things you get the same outcomes.” 

'Yet here we are with yet another advisory body, to make this government feel better about the ongoing colonialisation of this country and the genocide being perpetrated against our people.’

‘High paid, hand picked members of the government's campaign continue to advocate for a powerless body they will call the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice, whilst our communities’ voices are being ignored all around the country.’

‘Our people are still dying in custody. Our children are still being stolen from their families,  Country and culture in the thousands and no advisory body is closing the so-called gap, despite how much the PM would like to have you believe.’

‘The PM and this group talk about showing respect to First Nations people while their campaign continues to disrespect the voices that have rejected constitutional recognition and have called for self-determination and Treaty for generations.’

‘It might sound lovely and may make people feel good, but this proposed Voice goes against the governance structures that have existed in our communities since time immemorial. It moves our Elders further away from decision-making roles which goes against our cultural protocols.’

‘As First Nations people continue to be displaced and oppressed by the ongoing colonisation of these lands, I will continue to give agency to the First Nations voices that are being silenced and ignored.’

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