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Response to Voice Pamphlet

In response to the publication of he Yes Case and No Case on the AEC website, Senator Lidia Thorpe outlines some of her criticisms of both arguments and announces that the Blak Sovereign Movement will soon publish their case against the referendum. 

Today the Yes campaign and the No campaign had their arguments on the referendum published on the AEC website and will soon have them printed and delivered to every home around the country. 

The Coalition made it clear to Senator Thorpe that they had control over the No Case and there would not be genuine engagement with her or an opportunity for her point of view to be accurately represented. Instead, Senator Thorpe has been working with the Blak Sovereign Movement to produce their own statement that will be published online this week.

Senator Lidia Thorpe has previously made clear that she does not support the changes to the constitution presented in the referendum and that she is not part of the conservative No Campaign, which she has described as racist. 

The following quotes are attributable to Senator Lidia Thorpe, Gunnai, Gunditjmara and Djab Wurrung woman and independent Victorian Senator representing the Blak Sovereign Movement:

“The case produced by the Yes campaign reveals just how little substance there is in what they are proposing. They provide no historical evidence that an advisory body would have an impact, fail to recognise that there have been many ineffective advisory bodies in the past, and present a model of the advisory body that has not been debated or agreed to by First Nations people.”

“The case doesn’t mention Makarrata, Truth or Treaty. The government has failed to respond to my questions on where the Makarrata money has gone, have been unable to provide a definition of Sovereignty and have refused to acknowledge First Nations Sovereignty in this country. Their statement confirms that they have abandoned the two demands that actually came from their stitched up dialogues.” 

“It is utterly shameful that they could write 2,000 words about ‘fixing the Aboriginal problem’ and not once mention deaths in custody, child removals or destruction of Country. The war on our people continues and this whole Voice business is nothing but a smoke screen to cover up the continued process of the violent colonisation of this country.”

“For the Yes campaign to repeat the statement that their proposal “came from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people” is shameful. It is a statement that denies the diversity of views held by First Nations people, covers up the truth behind the Uluru Statement and is a taste of how they would use their Voice to silence First Nations people that don’t tow their line.” 

“Right now the government is choosing to not listen to and follow advice they have already been given by First Nations communities, a clear sign of the level of influence their Voice to Parliament would actually have.” 

“I didn’t think I could read something on the AEC website with even less substance than the Yes Case, but then I read the No Case.” 

“The No Campaign have clearly taken advantage of the pamphlet not being fact checked and done more to embolden racists than they have to argue against the Voice.” 

“I look forward to releasing the statement written by the Blak Sovereign Movement and providing those voting with Truth that cuts through the emotive language of the Yes campaign and the fear mongering of the conservative No campaign.”

“The Blak Sovereign Movement will explain why the Voice to Parliament is not worth the worry and pain. There are real issues that need your solidarity now and there is a way forward that can bring peace and harmony. So don’t stress about how you’re going to vote and start showing solidarity with those fighting for change right now.” 

“For things to improve for everyone the government must learn and accept the true history of this country and cease the violent war on First Nations people and Country.” 

“Together we must strive for a Treaty to bring peace to this land. It is the only way forward.”


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